Thursday, April 4, 2013

Thoughts of a College Student

I have nothing to say
I cannot think
My mind has been shut down
I’m word-less
Days without inspiration
It can’t be other than the truth
This white blank piece is mocking my eyes
I’m nervous and irritated
It must not be that tough
A little concentration is needed

You know you can’t focus.
Relaxing can be helpful to me
How are you going to rest?
Can’t procrastinate on that Accounting test
How about that Economic homework?
Did you already forget that trip to Washington?
There’s no way you’ll loosen up

I’m definitely growing into a college fiend
It wasn't supposed to be that hard
And you believe them?
Girl step up your game
I know I’m capable of succeeding
Keep on dreaming honey!!!

Well let’s see about that!!!
I’m in control of my goals
I’m in control of my thoughts
So back off!!!!

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