Sunday, May 19, 2013


There are those days in one's lifetime,
When nothing matters, nothing counts.
There are those moments in a Time, 
When nothing happens and nothing is.

You feel weak and frail ...
You look scared and pale ...
You are becoming weightless ...
You are hopeless and worthless ...

There is nothing going on.
There is nothing to hold on.
There is a gap into your existence.
There is war with no resistance.

You feel dead inside,
You have no ego, no pride...
You don't care anymore,
You have nothing to care for...

There are these depressing moments in a life,
Were you have no purpose, no expectations.
There are these sad times in one's life,
Were being is the most painful of situations.

You would think you can't do this anymore. 
You would think you can only sit now. 
You can't see north or south, you don't know how.
You don't, not more now then you did before. 

There are Sometimes in life were there is no road in sight. 
When you can only keep on going, against all fright.
There are Sometimes, just Sometimes
When you have nowhere to go but you have to go ...

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