Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Light ...

It can only last for so long,
Before the hunger strikes.
One can only smile for this long,
Before one's face starts to cramp.

All who live within the shadows,
Hope and prays for the light to come.
Whispering, shivering awaiting,
An uncertain awakening.

So many fail to notice,
In order for the light to shine,
Down into the abysmal obscurity,
It shall downgrade itself.

The light must wander away
From the brightness of its pears,
And venture into the nescience mist
Where the blind ones reside.

The light must descend,
Into the depth of all emptiness,
Where alone, secluded and timid,
It shall ensure never to cease to be.

The light is only Light,
When engorged into the darkness.
But the light is only the outcast,
Withstanding among the graylings...


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